Duende Libre @ Cellar Door
Friday, May 17 2019, 9:00pm - 11:55pm PDT. copy to my calendar, iCal export
Cellar Door James & Hastings Building, 940 Water St, Port Townsend, WA 98368, USA (map)

Seattle's Duende Libre is back in Cellar Door this Friday night!

Once long ago, there were no continents, nothing to divide the great mass of land. Seattle-based trio Duende Libre’s lyrical, clever songs explore this notion, charting the imaginary folds and roads of Pangea, the ebb and flow of the world’s sounds.

Guided by founder and bandleader, pianist Alex Chadsey, Duende Libre prove that what drifted apart can drift back together, and that musical traditions are living things and therefore constantly in flux. The Puget Sound and the Bosphorus, Cuba and Jamaica overlap and inform one another in pieces that wed jazz concepts with pop pleasures on Drift (release June 15, 2018), the group’s second album.

“We draw influences from many different cultures and countries and parts of the world, and the album’s title is a tribute and invocation of these influences,” explains Chadsey. “On the new album we explored using different rhythmic feels and styles as a way to meld those sensibilities. That’s what I was going for: a musical pangea where borders become less rigid, and where surprising new sounds emerge in the grey areas between traditions."


Duende Libre is an inspired power trio featuring longtime collaborators Alex Chadsey (piano/keyboards/compositions), Farko Dosumov (electric bass) and Jeff “Bongo” Busch (drums & percussion). The trio made its debut at The Royal Room in February of 2016 as part of a double-bill with the Sam Boshnack Quintet and has quickly become known for its innovative, uplifting and accessible approach to music. Featuring original compositions by bandleader and keyboardist Alex Chadsey, their music naturally synthesizes an eclectic blend of influences, ranging from American jazz to traditional and classical music from Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe and Africa, yielding catchy melodies, lush harmonies, and wholehearted groove.

Their debut album (released May 5, 2017) charted nationally and garnered praise from a wide variety of national and international press, including veteran jazz writer Lissette Corsa, who reviewed the album for the Fall 2017 issue of Jazziz:

On their eponymous debut, duende libre shatter preconceived notions of “global jazz fusion,” the eclectic power trio’s all-encompassing description of their sound. Boundless hybridity certainly comes to mind, shaped not only by the confluence of cultures within their music, but by the revelation that the trio is firmly rooted in the Pacific Northwest.

And this from Raul da Gama of Latin Jazz Network in Toronto, Ontario (Canada):

Chadsey skillfully, imaginatively and (by-and-large) subtly mixes elements of electronica, rock, contemporary rock, contemporary composition and the occasional nod to noise music. And the other members of the trio: bassist Farko Dosumov and drummer Jeff “Bongo” Busch are quick to follow.

James Nadal at All About Jazz said:

Duende Libre is an exciting debut record that displays a multi-faceted band willing to take chances and allow the music to take them where it will. What sets them apart from studio session players, is that they perform with a zest that comes from their cross-cultural associations. World music is street music, and it's that element that sparks life into this release.

From Andrew Luthringer at Earshot Jazz:

Duende Libre is aural balm for the soul, medicine that goes down easy, and will leave you healed in both body and spirit. Daily use is recommended.

Visit duendelibre.com for more info.

Seattle jazz and blues singer Frank Anderson will headline the evening. Frank's warm tenor voice and original renditions of jazz, R&B, blues and gospel songs from the 30s to the early-70s offer an eclectic range of soul-satisfying music. A Seattle native, Frank has been performing as a dancer, percussionist and R&B vocalist since 1986. Now at the tender age of 61 he is dancing a little less and singing more. You can usually catch Frank Anderson with many of Seattle’s top musicians at local clubs such as Capitol Cider, Egan's and North City Bistro, where audiences adore his soulful delivery and engaging stage presence.