Boiler Room Volunteer Meeting
Monday, Jul 17 2017, 5:00pm - 6:30pm PDT. copy to my calendar, iCal export
The Boiler Room 711 Water St, Port Townsend, WA 98368, USA (map)

A choice to volunteer at The Boiler Room is a choice to shape the community for the better. Through a variety of volunteer positions you can see your impact firsthand. Our volunteer meetings are open to the public, giving you a chance to see if it's a good fit for you! We talk about upcoming programs and events, recognize outstanding volunteers, discuss job openings in the community, and share a life issue. There are SO many different ways you can volunteer at The Boiler Room (keep reading after the break to get a full picture). Join us on Mondays; we'd love to see you! Questions? Email

How can you become a Boiler Room Volunteer?

Step 1: Come to the Boiler Room at 711 Water Street.Step 2: Ask the Volunteer on duty for an application. Fill it out, turn it in.Step 3: Come to our weekly staff meeting on Monday at 5:00 pm. Then you can sign up for Training Shifts under YELLOW names (trainers). Once you have at least 3 training shifts completed and the Manager signs off on your paperwork, you’re a trained Volunteer. You also need to get your Food Handler’s Card within 10 days of your first training.

Do you love coffee? Our longest-standing program can teach you everything you need to leap on the path to be an excellent barista. By working 4-hour shifts, you not only get to create delicious drinks, you’ll develop retail skills, learn how to prepare and serve food in a commercial kitchen (invaluable for anyone looking for restaurant jobs), and can make the space your own via our sound system and your dynamic self! Volunteer baristas are the vanguard in ensuring that we stay open every day. They host the party as much as they hold it together, and are essential to The Boiler Room mission.

There are countless ways to engage as a volunteer, however.

Do you love to make food, and / or believe everyone should be able to eat well? The BR serves free food all day, err’day, with major meals guaranteed Friday-Sunday at 3PM. To continue this, we rely on our volunteer team of kitchen wizards. Thanks to generous donations from the community, we are stocked with ingredients just begging to be turned into mouth-watering meals and treats. All you need to get started is a WA Food Handler’s Permit (which we can connect you to and provide reimbursement for if needed) and a date on our schedule of your choice.

Maybe you’re an artistic firebrand— a musical prodigy, a visionary in need of exposure, a poet seeking an outlet, a beast on the mic. The Boiler Room is, for many, THE place to find the art supplies, instruments, and audience their craft calls for. Volunteers make all of that possible.

Those with a passion for visual art make our scene, literally. Volunteers organize and lead workshops on technique, make ‘zines, make posters, make this webpage (whoa… meta), set up our Art Wall with the featured artist-of-the-month’s work…. Down to the paint on the walls (murals if you want!) and the design of our space, every part of the BR that you see is the brainchild of a volunteer.The BR has a wicked brilliant reputation as a concert venue, and as you might guess, we owe that to our volunteers as well. Sometimes they are the ones on stage, sometimes they are the ones making the show happen. By helping to put on our weekly Open Mic, you can learn the basics of sound engineering using our PA… or even shadow our Music and Event Coordinator during scheduled shows to learn about booking and get a firsthand look at a career in the music industry. In the past we have had volunteers offer courses on compositional music theory, songwriting, and how to master certain instruments. In other words– join the chorus, lend an ear, kick out a rhythm, be a volunteer.Volunteer opportunities for wordsmiths are legion, as well. At various times, the BR has been home to volunteer-run writing groups and literary discussion sessions, as well as standalone open mics dedicated to hip-hop, poetry, and stand-up comedy; respectively. Lovers of language can also take part by helping to curate and develop our lending library, which is contantly expanding in scope. Moreover, every moment you spend in the BR is a chance to advance what we do communicatively—one of the most common things for a newcomer to rave about is the depth of the conversations they engage in here. Your verbosity has a standing invitation.What d’you love? Chances are you can do it at the BR or learn how to. Bicycle repair? Debate? Knitting? Mechanical maintenance? Gardening? Natural science? Carpentry? Mentorship? All of the above—and that’s just glancing the surface— are ways in which YOU can become involved as a volunteer here.

Perhaps the most important thing when thinking of volunteering here, though, is that our volunteer core is a family. We have a history of supporting each other in our triumphs and our strife, in our confusion and in our breakthroughs. Some volunteers will testify without hesitation that The Boiler Room saved their lives. We work for the good of the community, and we start with individuals. We make one another MORE.

The Boiler Room is always changing, but like a flame relentlessly fed, we continue to shine. We invite you to join us—grab a coffee or tea, pick up a volunteer application, and make something incredible happen in your life and in the lives of those around you.

We can’t wait to meet you!