2020 Compassion Course Online
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Online (Port Townsend, WA) Port Townsend, WA, United States (map)

“For anyone who wants more compassion, understanding, and harmony in their life and in our world”

Weekly Messages, Monthly Conferences, Exercises, Global Community and More

With Thom Bond

As we humans have developed other technologies, the technology of compassion has been developed too. This course provides the “how to” of creating more connection, understanding, and compassion in our daily lives – a way to create a world we will be happy to leave our children’s children. The work is challenging, at times confronting, and with perseverance, practice, focus, and dedication, it works.

For the last 9 years this course has served more 20,000 participants from over 115 countries in 4 languages, making the skills of compassionate living available to anyone, regardless of time and money constraints. For eight years running, this course has proven to be “life-changing”, “fun” and “transformational” (check out the quotes below).

Weekly Messages

The course starts with foundational concepts and practices that help us understand what engenders compassion and what blocks it. As the year progresses, we work with more advanced practices and processes that help us bring more compassion into our everyday lives. All weekly messages include:

  • A concept to learn.
  • A story to illustrate the concept
  • Practices to integrate the concept into your life
  • Links to previous weeks, videos, exercises and more

Throughout the course, we work on progressively deepening levels with self-empathy, empathy, emotional triggers, anger, beliefs, dialog, appreciation, requests and more. By the end of the year, the course covers over 50 concepts and differentiations.

Monthly Conferences

As part of the course, Thom hosts 12, monthly 1-1/2 hour conferences (which participants can join either via video conference or a telephone line) for the English speaking Community.

All conferences are recorded and may be listened to at any time throughout the course. Recording links are posted within the weekly messages for those who don’t attend or those who would like to review.

Carefully trained and supported Course Facilitators host the conferences where it is offered in other languages.

Online Community

We have community members from all around the world and from all walks of life. How do we get together?All Compassion Course participants can be part of our Private Online Facebook group and Forum. Both are a great way to connect our community 24/7. Participants from all over the world share their experiences in the course, get deeper learning, support, inspiration, and fun. Quite something to be part of.The Schedule

Each week, a new message is published via email. The first message will be published on Wednesday, June 24th, 2020 with subsequent weekly installments published on subsequent Wednesdays until June 2021.

For the members of the NYCNVC Compassion Course Online team, this is not a job, this is not even a project – it is a calling, a way for us to live out our deep desire to contribute to a more compassionate world.

Tuition for the entire year is: Standard Tuition $72, Partial Scholarship $36, Standard Tuition plus sponsoring one (or more) full scholarships for people in need $144-288. Scholarships are available as well.
*Participants choose their tuition rate.

If you have questions or need assistance for any other reason, please call 646.201.9226 or email coursecoordinator@nycnvc.org