Darryl Maximilian Robinson Remembers Sir Sidney Poitier On 'The Actor's Choice'
Monday, Jul 4 2022, 8:00pm - 9:00pm PDT. copy to my calendar, iCal export
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The Actor's Choice: Darryl Maximilian Robinson Salutes Sir Sidney Poitier!

Veteran and award-winning stage actor and play director Darryl Maximilian Robinson notes the passing of the late great stage and screen legend Sir Sidney Poitier during his fourth appearance on the internet performing arts television show 'The Actor's Choice' hosted by veteran entertainment journalist Ron Brewington.

Upon his arrival at UBNGO radio and television studio in Burbank, CA. for his fourth appearance with veteran host and entertainment journalist Ron Brewington on 'The Actor's Choice,' the studio's excellent chief engineer Tony, warmly welcomed Darryl Maximilian Robinson ( The Founder of both The Excaliber Shakespeare Company of Chicago and The Excaliber Shakespeare Company Los Archival Project ) to the show's comfortable, modest and intimate set.

Mr. Robinson would be the last of three guests to appear ( which also included veteran Hollywood tv producer and sit-com show script writer Lloyd J. Schwartz, noted for his work on "The Brady Bunch" and "Guilligan's Island", as well as for his many successes as an LA playwright and creative process-focused film, television and stage experienced actress Laura Liguori ) and Mr. Robinson was aware ( due to Covid-19 precautions ) that he would be the only participant on the set of the show, as the other guests, as well as esteemed Host Ron Brewington would take part in the show via ZOOM.

Darryl Maximilian Robinson began his portion of 'The Actor's Choice' by evoking a few bars of the song '76 Trombones' from Meredith Willson's 'The Music Man' and noted that 2022 marked the 60th anniversary of the film version of the Broadway classic ( with stars Robert Preston as Harold Hill and Shirley Jones as Marian Paroo ) and noted the movie was shot on location at Warner Bros. Studios ( only a stone's throw away from the doors of UBNGO). He also promoted a local stage revival production of 'The Music Man' he had recently been involved with, and observing the upcoming 458th birthday of the immortal bard, William Shakespeare, provided an impromptu recitation of Sonnet #15.

But the real reason why Darryl Maximilian Robinson was present for the Monday April 18, 2022 edition of 'The Actor's Choice' was so that he might have an opportunity to discuss the passing and many artistic and humanitarian contributions of the late, great Hollywood screen and Broadway stage legend Sir Sidney Poitier. And Mr. Robinson was thrilled that Host Ron Brewington gave him a most excellent forum to do just that. Sir Sidney Poitier has left a great legacy for all Americans, but especially for those involved in the arts!

Darryl Maximilian Robinson's appearance on 'The Actor's Choice' is currently available for viewing. Pre-and-post show videos and of Mr. Robinson's arrival and departure from UBNGO studios by long-time Excaliber Member J.L. Watt which can be found at Mr. Robinson's You Tube channel.

Featuring interviews about actors, directors, playwrights, screenwriters, producers and other entertainment industry professionals, the internet performing arts television show 'The Actor's Choice' is now in it 8th season and continues to serve a forum for artists to discuss their craft and the choices they have made.