Tracking and Tracing of Returnable Transport Packaging
Tuesday, Nov 21 2023, 10:00am - 7:59pm PST. copy to my calendar, iCal export
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Many companies and industries use special reusable transport packaging such as containers, cages, boxes, tanks, crates, bottles, load carriers, pallets, mesh boxes and roll containers to transport their goods, which are usually valuable and reusable. The inability to track and trace returnable goods can have a financial impact on a company:

Not knowing where returnable transport packaging is or when stakeholders will return it creates a need for surplus stock to ensure continuity of operations.
Time can be lost searching for containers or roll cages that have been inadequately stored or not collected by stakeholders, which can delay or interrupt the fulfilment process.
Money can be lost as inefficient life cycle and process monitoring of dangerous goods or food leads to errors or interruptions in cleaning and control processes.
Paper-based processes mean duplicate work to enter information collected by operators into the ERP system, which reduces back-office productivity.

SmartMakers, Actility, Zozio and Nomosense use Abeeway GPS trackers and LPWAN connectivity to provide their customers with efficient tracking systems for all types of returnable transport systems.