Portraits with Queen Marvela
Saturday, Dec 7 2019, 5:00am - 7:00pm PST. copy to my calendar, iCal export
David Conklin Photography & Printing 823 Washington Street, PORT TOWNSEND, WA 98368, United States (map)

Children and adults alike are invited to pose for a studio portrait with the sparkling, kind and joyful Queen Marvela Magic.

Marvela is a non-denominational character invented and performed by local artist Cara Ann Faith. Her gown, inspired by winter and nature, will feature creative input from wearable artists Margie McDonald, Cheri Kopp & Bonnie Obremski.

Participants may sit on a chair or stand beside Queen Marvela for a 1-3 minute portrait session with photographers David Conklin & Bonnie Obremski, first come, first served.

Marvela will be asking children what brings them joy. Marvela’s
helper will write those expressions of joy on a display visible to the public as the event progresses.

In the spirit of making children and families feel as safe as possible, no child will be asked to touch Queen Marvela and, in turn, she will not be offering touch to participants. If an adult, or an adult-supervised child requests a hug, Queen Marvela is happy to bestow a brief, gentle embrace.

Portraits, which include one 5x7 print, will cost $10, paid at the door prior to the session. Prints will be available for pickup within a few days following the event.

Profits for this event will pay photographers Bonnie Obremski and David Conklin and performer Cara Ann Faith.

The lore of Queen Marvela Magic, by Cara Ann Faith:

Queen Marvela Magic is making her way to our town! She originated from the depths of the arctic waters and has risen up to our enchanted, forested land to brew mystical medicines for all creatures grand and small. With her wand, she ignites hope for peace, joy, connection and love.

There is no separation. Queen Marvela Magic is connected to the waters, the wilderness and the Wonder. Come join in on the importance of keeping the magic alive in all sizes of hearts.

More on Cara:

Cara Faith is a children's author, storyteller, performer and creator of Wild Expression Productions for kids and adults. Cara's mission with all of her life work is to inspire joy, give permission to be your fullest self, and celebrate your humanness by honoring your emotions.