Experience the Intelligent Faith Conference - Uncover Truth, Ignite Passion!
Friday, Apr 19 2024, 5:00pm - 9:00pm PDT. copy to my calendar, iCal export
Cornerstone Church Anaheim 4905 E. La Palma Avenue, Anaheim, CA 92807, United States (map)

Join us for an unforgettable journey into the heart of faith and reason at the Intelligent Faith Conference! Hosted by Cornerstone Church Anaheim, this three-day event is your opportunity to explore the deepest questions of faith and discover profound truths that will ignite your passion for God.

Featuring an esteemed lineup of speakers, including renowned names such as Hugh Ross, J. Warner Wallace, and the founders of Intelligent Faith, John, and Laurie Stewart, this conference promises insightful discussions, thought-provoking presentations, and empowering sessions designed to deepen your understanding of faith and truth.

From April 18th to April 20th, immerse yourself in a dynamic atmosphere of learning, inspiration, and spiritual growth. Whether you're a seasoned believer, a seeker, or simply curious about the intersection of faith and reason, this conference is for you.

Don't miss out on this transformative experience! Secure your tickets now and reserve your place at the Intelligent Faith Conference. Visit our website at https://www.intelligentfaithconference.com/ to learn more and purchase tickets.

Buy tickets: https://cstone.ccbchurch.com/goto/forms/298/responses/new

Join us as we begin on a journey of discovery, uncovering the truths that shape our faith and empower us to live boldly for Christ. See you there!